Intelligent Black Goo – Programmable Matter Sent By Aliens?

Harald Kautz Vella talks about the Control Structures infected by the Intelligent Black Goo (Programmable Matter) that was sent to Earth. He brings hardcore scientific research to expose the control mechanisms and agendas surrounding the intelligent Black Goo.

Conference From Illusion To Reality in Prague 23 July 2016, Lucerna Great Hall. This lecture shows why and how greys (our future selves from a nuclear timeline), archons, and reptilians have been interacting and feeding from humans and infecting Mother Earth.

Recommended Truth Tellers: Max Spiers, Dr. Steven Greer, David Icke, Steven Swerdlow, Peter Paget, Kerry Cassidy-Project Camelot

Herald offers solutions which we all can action on now. Reconnect with your empathetic self and move from with your heart. There are many lectures you can follow from Harald. Make sure to check them out and learn the truth.

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