Empaths And Energy Sensitives: Learn To Clear Your Energetic Field

You’ve heard of Sage, possibly even Palo Santo. But what is this for and is it really necessary?

Let’s dig into why clearing your energy is so important.

There are a large sum of us on this planet who come in with a high attunement to energy. Certain astrological signs are known for this; hello Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer! It is even possible to develop your sensitivity to energy. This occurs as you awaken to your spiritual nature, attune yourself to higher levels/dimensions and raise your vibration. Part of the awakening process is learning and tuning into the subtle energetic fields around us and within us. We are a part of it all.

Being sensitive to energy simply means you are able to pick up on another’s energy output and even the collective energetic output. Understanding what energy is yours and what you are picking up is an art. Ask your higher self, is this mine? You will feel and know the answer.

Whether the energy is ours, a fellow soul incarnates or even possibly a discarnate (for those of us that work with those souls whom have crossed over), we must gather and use tools in order to clear this and keep us free from that in which can cloud our mind and space.

Sage (dried and bundled) is an age old tool to clear energy. It works by putting ions into the air and therefore clears that which does not serve us. Use throughout your home and around your physical body as needed. Set your intention for what you are clearing and allow it to work its magic.

Palo Santo is a bark from ancient trees grown in South America. It was used by the Incas and is still used by many Shamans today. Palo Santo purify’s the air and clears energy. Just like Sage, Palo Santo is a wonderful tool for all your energy clearings.

Further tools that are extremely effective in helping you clear: Epsom Salt baths, taking a dip in Mothers Earths Ocean and grounding your energy on Mothers lands.

With all spiritual practices, your intentions for why you are creating and releasing is an important step in the process.


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