Stephen Hawking’s ‘Breakthrough Listen program’ will check Interstellar object Oumuamua for alien signals

Tomorrow, scientists from the “Breakthrough Listen program” will point the Green Banks radio telescope at the interstellar object that was named Oumuamua. The object was discovered in October 2017 and soon became the talking point of mainstream media because the object was unlike anything we have observed in our solar system.

The interstellar traveler had a strange cigar shape, which sparked rumors that this could be the ultimate proof for extraterrestrial life. The cigar shape would be the logical form factor for an interstellar spaceship because it significantly reduces the risk of an impact with micrometeorites.

The object is already on it’s way to the Pegasus constellation, but scientists at the Breakthrough Listen program would like to check the object for alien signals. They will scan radio bands from 1 to 12 GHz for a total of 10 hours.

Breakthrough Listen is an initiative launched by Stephen Hawking and billionaire Yuri Milner. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is also on the board and provided financial support.

The telescope is so powerful it would be able to pick up the signal from a mobile phone at that distance.

By tomorrow, we could be tuning into some groovy alien tunes…


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