Kazakhstan Lines – Were The Gods Supposed To Land Here?

Most people know about the Nazca lines in Peru. These are a series of large ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca Desert, in southern Peru. These pictures of animals and abstract figures are only visible from high altitude. Their only function seems to be to be visible from the sky, probably by their godlike observers.

Did you know that these signs were also made in Kazakhstan? Someone made the effort of creating a certain design of these ground paintings, but it’s not clear what their real purpose was.

Remember, these signs were created in an age where humans were only supposed to hunt animals for food. Their only occupation was to make sure there was enough food for the tribe to make it to the next day. However, archaeologists assume that pre-modern people made these sightings for religious beliefs…

The real question in these cases remains the same, why were people in the stone age period obsessed with visitors from the sky?

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