ALIENS Woman photographs green UFO over the Great Barrier Reef

A woman from Cairns in Australia has managed to capture a series of photographs of what she claims is a UFO flying just off Fitzroy Island. The woman was making her way back from a sailing trip to the Great Barrier Reef on Saturday afternoon when she saw the UFO. 

Jenny Morrison had been to Elford Reef, which is around 50km to the east of Cairns following spending a day out at sea with some friends and was taking a series of photographs of the sunset using her phone. On arriving home, she examined the photographs and found that in many of them there was a luminous green dot which was surrounded by a flying saucer shape.


Morrison said that there was a little light and it looked like it could have been from water on the lens of the camera. She said that she had not edited the photographs or changed them in any way. She went on to point out that the dot is right in the middle of what seems to be the shape of a flying saucer and she could not explain what it was.

The green dot also vanished in last photographs of the series she took of the sunset. Morrison said that she had not noticed anything out of the ordinary when she had been taking the photographs of the sunset. She said that the photographs were strange and looked like something that would be shown on TV.


North Queensland is well-known as being a hot spot for UFO sightings. Over many decades there have been many sightings of UFOs and mysterious aircraft in the sky. The Cardwell UFO Festival is held each year in October, and this festival celebrates the interstellar links of the region by inviting members of the public to share experiences of the unexplained.

Morrison is now convinced that what she managed to capture in the photos was a UFO but what do you think? Is it nothing more than water splashed onto the lens of the camera that is causing a reflection and strange shadow?


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