The reason why there are so many UFO sightings nearby erupting volcanoes

Over the last decade, there have been numerous reports and sightings of UFO’s flying in the vicinity of dormant or, in most cases, erupting volcanoes. 

Only recently there was a large glowing orb flying over the Yellowstone volcano in the US. In September 2017 a UFO was filmed flying over the Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador. In January 2017 a similar huge spherical object was flying over the Popocatépetl Volcano in Mexico. In 2016 there were numerous accounts of UFO’s flying over active volcanoes.

Is there a reason for this increase nearby these erupting giants? Consider this, when a medium volcano erupts, it release arround 27 megatons of thermal energy. That’s a lot. Could it be that these mysterious crafts have found a way to harvest the energy that is released during these events?

One way of harvesting the immense energy was shown during a volcanic eruption in 2015 in Chile. The Calbuco volcano erupted and multiple witnessed captured a UFO on video that was hoovering nearby the ash cloud. In one of these video’s the object is hit with multiple lighting strikes. Is this the way these extraterrestrial craft harvest the power of erupting volcanoes? These lightning flashes are created by a process called charge seperation by the ash cloud.

This could also explain why we have seen some video’s of UFO getting hit by regular lightning strikes over the last couple of years. Maybe Elon Musk can learn a trick or two from these aircraft…


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