Did An Alien Spacecraft Crash Land On Mars?

A huge 600-feet wide anomaly has been seen on the surface of Mars, and UFO enthusiasts have claimed that the ‘spaceship’ might still be able to fly if the US, China or Russia could retrieve it. 


Of course, before that could happen they would have to come up with the technology that would take them to Mars. However, if the rumors prove to be true they already have various UFOs in their possession that they have built from scratch thanks to reverse engineering alien technology.

The object shaped like a heart was seen on Mars and it appears to be in great condition, other than a few scratches and dents. This would make the UFO a valuable prize to their collection and perhaps a lot could be learned from the strange craft. The UFO was seen on Mars by someone with the name of UFOvni2012 on YouTube and they say that the original photograph had been taken on October 16, 2000, by the NASA Mars Global Surveyor, so a lot could have happened to it over the years.


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