Why are Noses Missing from so Many Egyptian Statues?

One of the most common questions you will hear within art history’s circles is “Why are the noses missing from so many ancient Egyptian statues?” Is it just a coincidence, or could it possibly be a conspiracy? Natural Erosion Has Played a Role Several archaeologists have suggested erosion could be one of the main reasons […]

5 Ancient sites –dating back thousands of years— you won’t believe are real

While governments around the world are eager to explore Mars, our moon, and the solar system in general, we seem to forget that Earth –and our planet oceans— are filled with mystery and are equally important to explore. Throughout the centuries, mankind has stumbled upon countless ancient sites around the globe which point to intricate […]

What The Church Isn’t Telling You About Nibiru And The Anunnaki

by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Editor, In5D.com Silently, the Vatican is releasing information about Nibiru entering our solar system and extraterrestrial neighbors who have already met with Vatican officials but they are not telling you everything. While the mainstream media remains conspicuously silent while detracting our attention to idiotic events such as Justin Beiber’s DUI, disclosure […]

Ancient Gnostic Texts : Earth Is Ruled By An Interplanetary Race Known As Archons

Since the explosion of the ET/UFO phenomena in 1947, speculation about alien intrusion on planet Earth has been rampant. Half a dozen theories dominate the debate, but there is one theory that has yet to be examined. It did not emerge after 1947, but approximately 1600 years earlier. To be precise, the evidence of this […]

The 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth

Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been in cahoots with military forces, deciding our future without ever consulting us. Below are some of the least obscure ones we could find. 1. The Sirians Hailing from the Sirius B star system, the Sirians […]

Lost Children of Anunnaki CONFIRMED – They carry genes from unknown species

A group of scientists has recently made a shocking discovery. They studied a tribe from Melanesia. And they realised that all people belonging to that tribe have genes that are not found in other people. Their genes does not belong to human. Scientists said that their genes belongs to unknown species of hominid. Do you […]

24 Mysterious Black-Boxes Discovered Near Egypt’s Great Pyramid

Twenty-four strange coffin shaped black boxes have been discovered underground 12 miles from The Great Pyramid of Egypt. The boxes which are made of Aswan granite weigh upwards of 100 tons. The boxes were found in a hillside cave system and after a thorough examination was deemed to be the product of good engineering. It’s […]

University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us

Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and lived among us as observers. Of course, there is no evidence of this, but according to ancient sources, including the Bible, our planet has been visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations since its […]

CERN LHC Accidentally Opened Time Portal,Caused Iberworld Airbus A330-300 To Time Travel 5,500 Miles Across The World

Media reports also failed to give details about what caused the blackout that affected millions of people across South America.According to conspiracy theorists, a series of experiments conducted at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC) facility in Switzerland, as part of preparations for restarting the machine in November, 2009, triggered an “anomalous event” that generated a […]