Alien Invasion? Photojournalist Captures Strange Activities Over Castle Rock

Strange things are going on in skies of Castle Rock.

Photojournalist Dominick Lee is wondering whether there has been an alien invasion in Castle Rock, Colorado after he captured something very strange on video.


Lee was covering the school board vote of Douglas County in Castle Rock on Monday when he focused his camera on something other than the administration building. He turned towards the Rock Park to take a landscape photograph and faced his camera to the northeast and started to capture the sunrise in a time lapse. When he positioned the camera and began recording there was nothing out of the ordinary in sight.

It wasn’t until Lee got back to the station and he started to review the video he had captured on the sunrise that found there had been something strange happening. The video revealed objects that had been fast moving. The video showed two objects zooming over the screen and going behind the rocks. The objects were both heading north to south, and Lee said that they were moving far too fast to be any type of aircraft known to man.


There was a great deal of talk in the newsroom where Lee works and people said that perhaps the objects were insects or birds. However, due to the speed at which they moved and went out of the video, this theory has been eliminated. So what could the strange objects be? Is it possible that they are two UFOs and it is the start of an alien invasion of Castle Rock?

Lee slowed the video down to 1% of its normal speed, and it is possible to see two objects streak across the sky, with one object being higher in the sky than the other. He then showed the video at 10% speed, and the objects could be seen flying very fast across the sky. When the video is played in real time, it is almost impossible to see the two objects as they move that fast.


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